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Colonial Sheds in Virginia

If you’re a homeowner and have owned your home for a while, you’re probably looking for some extra storage space. You may also need a workshop for hands-on projects that require more room than you currently have in your garage.

As you know, things start to accumulate over time: old clothes, lawn and garden tools and equipment, cars with their accessories and maintenance supplies, sports gear, bikes, and so on. And your garage may already be packed to the gills. And no matter how often you have a spring cleaning routine, these things tend to return and multiply.

One solution to consider is having a storage shed building in your backyard, and one type of shed that you should consider building is a Colonial shed. Colonial sheds are constructed out of sturdy, durable wood or vinyl that can withstand the elements and all types of weather.

Although wood-destroying pests such as termites or carpenter ants may be of concern for Colonial sheds with wood exteriors, if you keep the storage barn clear of things such as sticks, branches, and weeds, and if the wood is stained and treated, a Colonial shed can keep your items safe for many years to come.

One of the best advantages that Colonial sheds have is their appearance. They come in a variety of colors and stylish details such as shutters and windows (including transom windows). And you can decorate its exterior just like the exterior of your home (e.g., hang flower boxes on the windows or potted plants outside).

You can even have a shed that matches or complements with the style of your home. If you need extra help with space and organization, you can have a loft installed as well as tool shelves. With a stylish space, you can use a Colonial storage barn as a playroom or as a cozy guesthouse.

With four Colonial shed styles to choose from—A-Frame, Dutch, Cottage, and Hip roof—you’ll be sure to find a storage shed that meets your storage needs.

The Colonial A-Frame Shed

Colonial A-Frame Shed in VirginiaA popular style, the A-Frame Colonial barn has a classic, charming look with its easily recognizable roof line. It can hold your lawn and garden tools, can act as a one-car garage, or be your perfect workshop space. You can have one or more windows with shutters and flower boxes, along with double doors, customized to the width you need. If you need even more room and help with organization, a loft can be installed.

The Colonial Dutch Shed

colonial dutch shed in VirginiaFor a stately backyard storage shed, there’s the Dutch Colonial style. The distinctive look has a rustic charm and can easily blend into your backyard’s landscape. A Dutch storage barn can offer you even more room, especially head room, due to its unique roof style. It’s another great alternative to a one-car garage and can easily be your home away from home as your workshop.

The Colonial Cottage Shed

colonial cottage shed in VirginiaThe Cottage storage barn look offers another classic and distinctive style due to the offset roof overhang on the front eaves. Not only can this shed style hold all kinds of equipment and tools, it can even act as a pool house.



The Colonial Hip Roof Shed

colonial hip roof shed and VirginiaIf contemporary styles are more your speed, then consider the Hip Roof Colonial storage shed. This barn has an eye-catching four-sided sloping roof and its own unique look. You can use this storage space in a number of ways, including as a workshop for your home improvement and craft projects, an art studio, a storage space for your lawn and gardening tools, or as a pool house.

So if you're looking for a stylish way to increase the storage space of your home, look no further than Great Outdoors. We have many Colonial sheds that you can choose from our lot, or you can create a custom design to make your backyard storage space all your own.

We have a number of different colors to choose from for roof shingles, vinyl siding, and for painting your shed. We provide all sorts of accessories for storage barns, such as latches and hinges, dormers, vents, lighting, ramps and more. We have all kinds of doors—insulated house doors, fiberglass doors, Victorian doors, and garage doors. Our windows come in various sizes and shapes.

Contact us today at (540) 628-0544, or stop by one of our three convenient locations in Stafford / Fredericksburg, VA or King George, VA. Our professional and knowledgeable sales staff will happily help you with your storage barn needs and questions.

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