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Victorian Amish-Built Sheds in Virginia

Sheds have come a long way since the small timber-frame units of decades past. As a customer of Great Outdoors, you have the opportunity to design your own shed in a range of unique styles. Many don’t resemble sheds at all but rather small cottages that can complement the décor of your main home. Below are the four popular designs that we offer. Remember that we can design your shed or anything that you custom-order from Great Outdoors in your preferred size, type of exterior, and color.


A-Frame Sheds

A-frame Victorian shed in Virginia

If you have a classic roof line on your house, the A-Frame shed could be just right for you. People choose this unique shed style for a variety of uses, including to store tools, farm equipment, garden equipment, or a single car. It can also serve as a workshop or as a private get-away right on your own property. In addition to choosing from wood or vinyl exterior, you may wish to choose decorative options such as a flower box, tool shelf, shutter, loft, or ramp. Your A-Frame shed will have at least two windows and a door. You can also expect its shingles to stand up to all types of weather conditions and last for decades. The finished product will look so tastefully decorated and modern than people just might mistake it for a tiny house.


Cottage Sheds

Victorian cottage shed in Virginia

The most unique feature about a cottage shed is the way its roof overhangs the front eaves on its door and windows. It perfectly compliments the landscape of your property with its roof line that sits slightly off-center. It also includes a saltbox slope roof with a slope that protrudes a minimum of 18 inches from the eaves located on the front sides. The cottage shed comes with a double door to give it the same appearance as a barn. The shuttered windows offer the same effect. Many Great Outdoors customers tell us that they choose the cottage style shed for adding a porch to their pool house or storage shed. Of course, what you choose to do with your new customized shed is entirely up to you.


Hip-Roof Sheds

Victorian Hip-Roof sheds in Virginia

This type of shed stands out from other types due to the fact that it has a sloping roof on all four sides. It’s the most contemporary of our four styles, and you can use it as a pool house, storage shed, or for a variety of other purposes. One of the major benefits of choosing the hip roof shed is that it blends with a wide range of existing types of architecture. With all four sides sloping downward and pointing to the wall, it creates a non-stop eave around the entire building structure. This shed style is ideal for people who live in an area that frequently experience high winds or on a waterfront property. Its quality design and sturdy build means that you won’t have to worry about losing it in a storm or premature wear from water damage. It will match well with most types of roof lines.



Victorian Ponderosa Sheds in Virginia

This type of shed can serve as a garage or workshop just as easily as it can a storage shed. It is a traditional style that can last a lifetime with proper care. Its primary features include beams and post framework along with batten and board siding. Ponderosa sheds let in more natural light than the other types, which is important if you plan to work in the shed rather than simply store items in it. Some of the most popular uses for this type of shed include recreations areas and workshops. With this shed style, you can even opt to add a loft as a sleeping area for guests or to provide you with additional storage. As with all products created by Great Outdoors, the style can be as simple or elaborate as you prefer.


Are You Ready to Move Forward with Your Customized Shed?

No matter which style you prefer and which customized options you want to add, we’re ready to take on your project. Please contact the Great Outdoors location closest to you to learn more about our building and collaboration process.